Is It Time for A Policy & Procedure Overhaul? 

Policy & Procedure Overhaul

You peer over at it – the dusty binder of policies and procedures sitting in the corner of the onsite manager’s office. Pages peek out at you from the top of the binder, the most recent updates having been shoved into the front flap.  Or maybe, it’s your online version of policies and procedures that require attention. 

Either way, it’s time for an overhaul.  And well, let’s face it, that alone is no easy task. You recognize that providing employees with up-to-date valuable knowledge and guidance in a continuously changing environment is critical to your company’s success.  But where do you start? 

To deliver effective policies and procedures, companies need a great starting point and a well-designed strategy.  

Consider whether your current policies are ‘good enough’ to update or is it time to feed the recycle bin and start over with a policy & procedure overhaul. Either way, relying on a team of industry and subject-matter experts who provide guidance and up-to-date policies designed specifically for the multifamily industry is just the beginning.  You will also need an efficient and cost-effective way to collaborate with your team to ensure the recommended policies and procedures align with your company objectives and internal processes.  Gone are the days when policy and procedure discussions require bringing team members together, locking them in a room for days on end.  

Once you finally have your shiny, new policies ready, how do you ensure they don’t quickly become outdated? When do you make updates?  How do you make sure the newest version is always at your team’s fingertips? Do you really still have to have the team print, sign, and scan back to you?  Or, if you have them already online, is it easy to search and find information? 

These are just some of the items to consider as you start down this road. 

Don’t Despair.  We have a solution for you!

Edge2Learn, a leader in the multifamily industry known for its e-learning services, has partnered with PowerDMS, a proven online policy and procedure platform with over 20 years of experience specializing in high-compliance industries, to bring you Policy Edge.  Policy Edge advances policy development and management for the multifamily industry into the 21st century and helps you deliver a set of policies and procedures that even your most conservation-conscientious team members will be proud of by offering several options whether you have your own policies or need a set of policies. 

Have you already written your own policy and procedures but need a place to house them?
One of Policy Edge’s solutions includes our hosting platform allowing you to bring your existing policies and procedures online.  In the Policy Edge environment, you can collaborate with your team to update the content using automated workflows and deploy the refreshed content to your teams in an easily searchable platform that captures your teams’ electronic signatures and tracks their activity.  Reporting includes most viewed and least viewed policies, and let’s just say that those reports barely scratch the surface of the reporting engine Policy Edge offers.  

Or do you need policies and procedure program because a) yours need a complete policy & procedure overhaul, b) you do not have pre-written policies, c) you need a hosting solution, and d) let’s face it, you simply don’t have the time or resources to start from scratch? Policy Edge not only offers a place to house your policies but we provide you with 250+ policies, developed specifically for multifamily by a team of industry, legal, and risk experts, that deliver the most current guidance combined with industry best practices. Use our platform to customize and brand the policies to make them your company’s new standard. 

There’s only one thing you can count on in life: change. 

It’s inevitable that as soon as you launch your new online policy & procedure overhaul to your team, something will change that will require an update. Policy Edge’s team of experts tracks important changes that impact our industry and automatically feeds into an updated policy when needed.  

Policy Edge will notify you that an update is available, allow you to compare the updated policy to your current version, make the appropriate edits, and publish the new version all in a few clicks. Version tracking preserves previous versions and their signature history for easy admin access, but the most current version is always the only one available for users.  

Give your policies the Edge. 

Policy Edge is the multifamily industry’s newest and most tailored policy and procedure solution. We bring you paperless policies on a proven platform with a partnership to ensure they stay current and relevant. Schedule a demo today! [email protected] 

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