Administrator/Learner Experience

We make it easy on you to make it enjoyable for them.

Edge2Learn’s LMS offers the best user experience for both administrators and learners.  Easily create and deliver property management training anytime and anywhere.  The online learning experience for the multifamily industry has never been better.

The Administrator User Experience

  • Easy implementation and fully operational system upon roll-out
  • Simple-to-use tools for the effective and efficient administration user experience of property management training
  • Ability to upload and deliver company-branded or web-hosted video training
  • Embedded course-builder tool allowing the best user experience course creation for apartment professionals in minutes
  • Quick scheduling and tracking of instructor-led training, webinars, and off-site apartment training
  • Pre- and post-testing to identify knowledge gaps and analyze retention
  • Motivate apartment learners with gamification, badges, and leaderboard achievements
  • Warehousing/documenting of property management policies, procedures, and important internal correspondence
  • Includes news feature to post messages to learner’s homepages to remind them of upcoming deadlines, special events, planned maintenance, or company announcements
  • Allows comparison of several data sets month over month
  • Reports available to view at a glance or automatically emailed with simple scheduling widgets

The Learner User Experience

  • Your employees can start training immediately with our bite-sized, ready-to-roll lessons
  • Learners can easily see what’s next, what they’ve already done, and what they have left to do
  • Courses designed to keep the learner engaged and interested
  • Real-life scenario-based training specific to each apartment professional
  • User-friendly catalog for choosing property management specific courses relevant for each job position
  • Just in time training accessible at your fingertips for the best learner user experience
  • Clear objectives for establishing career development paths and growth for today’s multifamily professional
  • Requirements for property management courses visible on a Leaderboard and badges to celebrate accomplishments in the multifamily training industry
  • On-demand property management training for your convenience
  • Reports available for district managers, regional managers, and property managers to view team completions and overdue assignments

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