Cyber Security

Because there’s more to keeping systems safe than a good spam filter.

Cyber Security

Computer systems can be loaded with software and patches to detect or help prevent cyber-attacks, but cyber-savvy users are often the first line of defense. In this cyber security training course, you’ll help the team members of Cyberpark Place, a fictional community, as they face everyday security challenges to email, setting passwords, online shopping, social media and using public Wi-Fi. Along the way, you’ll learn about a variety of cyber dangers, ways to avoid trouble by keeping devices and data locked down, and the potential effects of cybercrime.  Each cyber security training module is approximately 8-9 minutes.

  • Lock It Down
  • Say Hi Safely
  • Be a Smart User

Our devices and technology are more than just a source of convenience. We can’t do business without them. That’s just one reason why cybercrime can be so devastating.

What happens when a mobile device disappears, is stolen, or when an unauthorized user gets access to one of our computers? The cost of replacing stolen equipment is just the beginning. Often, the risk of damaged or stolen data follows. Cybersecurity threats can be costly, damage the business’ reputation and impact your job directly.

Another related no-no concerns file storage. Do you know your company’s recommendations on where and how to store all electronic files for work? Do you know whether you are on a local network for your community or corporate servers? We’ll explore all of the best practices for your team!

Cyber Security Awareness Sneak Peek Video
Cyber Security

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