Resident Surveys

Know what you need to build lasting resident relationships.

Is your apartment leasing team really operating at full strength? Why do apartment residents lease? Why are residents leaving? Or staying? The answers to these and other important questions are best found by working with Ellis Partners in Management Solutions, our strategic partner. Through Ellis’ resident surveys program, survey touchpoint questions have been designed and honed over decades and thousands of engagements.

Ellis’ targeted resident surveys identify and prioritize opportunities to create a more positive customer experience. With a focus on customer loyalty, you gain a better understanding the customer and what influences them to renew and/or recommend your community to a friend or family member. Partnering with various rating and review sites, Ellis helps you to increase online visibility by leveraging resident survey results as reviews on your website, blogs and social media.

The customer experience in the multifamily industry tends to decline over time. Connecting one-on-one with each resident throughout their residency via an ongoing resident surveys touchpoint program allows you to manage expectations and perceptions by creating trust and relationships. All of these actions contribute to a better and more consistent customer experience, optimizing customer loyalty.

Touch Point Resident Surveys

  • Surveys can be distributed 365 days a year
  • Triggered by transactions at the apartment community level
  • Assess interaction using the five major touch points that impact resident retention: prospect, at move-in, after maintenance requests, before renewal and upon move-out
  • Analysis of customer feedback and actionable insight based on your resident’s experience

Customized Resident Surveys

  • Evaluate additional variables affecting stakeholders and apartment communities
  • Provides analysis of feedback and actionable insight

Text Analytics/ Sentiment Resident Surveys

  • Analyze free-form comments shared in each resident survey
  • Quantify customer emotions and loyalty by understanding resident sentiment

Apartment Reviews/Social Sharing Survey

  • Leverage resident survey feedback in online apartment reviews
  • Showcase resident feedback on social media sites such as Yelp, Google, Apartment Ratings and Facebook

Additional Resident Survey Benefits

  • Develops trust and relationships with prospects and residents.
  • Creates a one-on-one connection with each resident.
  • Provides insight on strengths & opportunities with the goal of apartment residents who 1) convert faster, 2) pay more, 3) stay longer and 4) refer friends