Everything your Maintenance Team needs to do it right the first time.

All of our maintenance training courses enable your employees to increase skills and knowledge that help them improve and understand how they conduct their maintenance activities and include an entire series devoted to on-the-go “How-To” videos. Companies that have successfully maintained training have both monetary commitment and patience from their higher echelons of management. When developed and implemented properly, training for maintenance employees can help companies save money, increase product quality, and improve employee morale. We have everything your Maintenance Team needs to do it right the first time.

Today, a successful maintenance team depends on up-to-date computer skills, technical toolsets, and efficient work habits that make the most of these skills. In the busy world of property management, it can seem counter-intuitive to have your employees complete maintenance training. But, it is time well-spent. Here’s why: Your maintenance teams may be getting the job done, but without full training, they are likely to be struggling unnecessarily, cutting corners where they should not, and generally “just getting by.” Their work is subpar, and that can mean rework. Do you have time for rework?

Investing in maintenance training is not only favorable for organizational output but will also help enhance employee morale. When your staff is properly trained and knows how to assess situations that may arise correctly, you know you have developed a well-rounded team that will ultimately improve operations.

Our extensive Edge2Learn maintenance library includes essential courses and elective courses. If your team needs more specific training, we have everything you need at Edge2Learn!

*Elective Courses/Additional Fees Apply

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bed bugs awareness training

Bed Bugs Awareness*

Prevent and eliminate this nuisance that can threaten the comfort of your home.

Training How-To Video Series: Leading Edge of Maintenance

How To Videos – The Leading Edge of Maintenance

Comprised of over 70 online maintenance training “How-To” modules (videos), approximately 2-6 minutes each.

mold awareness training

Mold Awareness

Know the warning signs and solutions for this structural saboteur.

Risk Management*

Proactive, preventive, and strategy-based training for your onsite staff and their supervisors.

golf cart safety

Curb Appeal

Make your property pop with this gameshow-styled course.

ladder safety training

Ladder Safety

Make sure what goes up comes down as intended.

preventive maintenance training

Preventive Maintenance

Keep both your buildings and your budget looking great.

Safety Training*

Responsible, practical, and regulated safety training courses available for all on-site employees.

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