Implementing marketing strategies that work.

Edge2Learn’s apartment marketing courses help your marketing team create marketing messages that resonate with your customers’ wants and needs. Marketing is a continuous process, so we give our learners everything they need to help promote your community and connect with your prospects. 

Knowing how to reach the important demographic of millions of Millennials, the largest US renting segment is vital. This generation is a well-informed, Internet-savvy group of consumers who value flexibility and mobility. Balancing this with reaching the other vital segments of Multifamily (especially if your portfolio is geared towards a particular population sector, such as elderly housing) is crucial! At Edge2Learn, we focus on general marketing and social media marketing to help your property teams to reap the benefits of a 100% leased community. Our apartment marketing courses are developed utilizing smaller training modules so that your team can take these courses in segments as time allows! We know your marketing team is always busy!

Differentiation is more important than ever in a saturated market.

Differentiation is answering the question, “Why would your ideal resident choose your property over the property down the street?”

Some communities try to differentiate by offering services like bike repair, tanning beds, and even dog washing areas. While the overall service and amenity offering is important at any apartment community, it’s unlikely than any one amenity will convince someone to choose your property over the competition.

Differentiation is as much about identifying your target audience as it is about having a unique marketing message.

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Marketing 101

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social media and reputation management

Social Media and Reputation Management

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