Marketing 101

Attract, convert, and retain customers to meet occupancy goals.

Marketing Training

With Edge2Learn’s Marketing Training, learn how to apply tailored multifamily industry marketing practices to help you attract, convert, and retain customers to meet occupancy goals. Each marketing module is approximately 10-25 minutes.

  • Customer Centric Marketing
  • Attract More Customers Online with Best Practices
  • Increase Leasing Results
  • Resident Retention and Customer Loyalty

Creating a marketing message that resonates with what your customers want and need is a continuous process. It includes all the ways you first attract customers to reinforcing their decision to do business with you. This is what we mean by “Customer-Centric Marketing.” 

Everything you do to promote your community and connect with your customers should be centered on what matters most to them. Your focus should be on adding value to their lives, not simply selling the features and benefits of your community.

With our Edge2Learn marketing training course, you will discover the many different ways customers engage with you. Explore customer preferences and how your community can create a more positive impact within your marketing efforts. Discover processes for analyzing, appraising and auditing the strengths and opportunities of your community.

A customer journey represents a holistic view of the experiences a customer has while doing business with your community.  

It’s important because this view can provide a greater understanding about what generates customer engagement and loyalty. 

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