Self-Guided Tours

Whether your community already offers self-guided tours or are just exploring the possibilities.

Self-Guided Tours

Whether your community already offers self-guided tours or is just exploring the possibility, in this course you’ll discover the basic variations in program types, learn about the potential impacts and value-added by these tours, discover how the leasing process may vary from traditional tours, and consider implementation, marketing, and management for your overall tour program. 10-15 minutes.

  • Understand the basic alternative types of self-guided tour programs
  • Evaluate the possible impacts and value-added by self-guided tours
  • Compare similarities and differences between traditional guided tours and self-guided tours
  • Plan for implementation and management of new tour options

Not only are these types of tours a popular option for customers, but the logistics are also increasingly easy to navigate, and communities can choose different ways to fit them into an overall leasing plan.

Considering whether to put a self-guided tour program in place for your community comes with a mix of opportunities and challenges.

To navigate those, you need to explore:

  • What are the different types of self-tour programs?
  • In what ways could they add value for leasing professionals and the community?
  • Is it beneficial to our potential residents?
  • What are the considerations regarding current residents?
  • What do we need to do to succeed?
  • How is this the same and different from traditional guided tours?

A benefit to this system is that tours can happen outside office hours. Obviously, this method gives leasing professionals significantly less opportunity for connecting with customers, but it can free up their time for crucial follow-up activities.

You might be wondering who’s going to point out the energy-efficient windows and the high-capacity water heater. In the usual sales process, that would be you. In a self-guided tour, it’s still on you, though you’ll be providing that type of information in conversations before and after the tour.

Self-guided tours don’t have to be no-information tours. Communities can provide collateral ranging from tent cards to handouts and audio tours with highlights that can be accessed in real-time via a phone app. There are tons of options to explore!

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