Learning Journey

Personalized learning for today’s property management professional.

We create strategic multifamily training programs that are customized to your company and your employees – no two programs are alike. And the learning journey is ongoing, enabling performance to consistently improve over time. We focus on customized, targeted training that uses the right tools, at the right time, and in the right way to fit the unique needs of each learner and deliver an authentic, personalized experience. All of this ensures multifamily training doesn’t stop at onboarding, but continues throughout a team member’s career to enable professional growth and ongoing business improvement.

Edge2Learn can strategically address your company’s needs for customized multifamily training that addresses knowledge gaps and improves performance while keeping learners interested and engaged. At the same time, learners are provided with effective, personalized learning opportunities that can drive career advancement.

At Edge2Learn, we believe a learning management system should be more than just a library of courses. It should be an intuitive and engaging system. One that lets you assign specific teams to specific training modules, then allows you to easily track their progress. Our courses are dynamic, story-based lessons that keep people engaged and excited about the module. Your teams are always learning, always developing, and always improving their skills. Our online leasing workshops help your team practice what we’ve preached by taking them through specially designed, scenario-based simulations.  Practical branched learning opportunities guide skills improvement and set the stage for winning closing ratios!

Create your own custom assignments, check on progress, and even make sure your people are meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Edge2Learn gives you every amazing thing we offer at an amazingly affordable price, including the learning management system (LMS) you’ve been hoping for.

Edge2Learn empowers you to take learning to the next level by providing a comprehensive and continuous learning journey for each of your employees.

At Edge2Learn, the road to successful learner engagement is smooth and detour-free.

Company wants a rock-solid platform to keep training on track with trainees learning more in less time.
Learner is engaged by the short, relevant microlearning courses that keep their attention in an online, blended learning experience. (i.e., video, podcast, infographic).
Company wants to address knowledge gaps identified in mystery shops and surveys.
Learner is assigned performance- based training, based on skill gaps revealed in the mystery shops and resident surveys.
Company wants to set up specific training in Edge2Learn, allowing them to easily build their own custom content and assessments.
Learner is better prepared for their job and potential career advancement.

Edge2Learn assigns specific courses to each individual learner — no 2 paths are the same.