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Thought Leader Webinars

Dealing with Difficult Situations Virtually During COVID-19

Edge2Learn offers several Thought Leader webinars. All Thought Leader webinars are available on-demand!

In this webinar, you’ll learn the importance of effective and regular communication, covering everything from first impressions to the resident’s experience with your staff virtually and in person.

Presented by: Pam Roberts Pederson

In this thought leader webinar you will discover:

  • Understand how you can navigate and resolve difficult situations before they arise.
  • Learn to identify triggers to proactively navigate communications with prospective residents and current residents.
  • Learn how difficult situations during COVID-19 can provide opportunities to serve residents and co-workers better.
  • Identify best practice tools to share with co-workers and direct reports to improve team performance when difficult situations occur virtually or in-person.

Diversity – Shifting from Tolerance to Inclusion

The world is filled with many different kinds of people from various nations, cultures, creeds and backgrounds. For those working in the multifamily industry, it is uniquely important to create an equitable and inclusive environment for everyone from prospects to residents to coworkers and everyone in between. 

Presented by: Kathy Vance

In this thought leader webinar you will discover:

  • Identify what is meant by diversity and inclusion
  • Summarize needs to improve opportunity
  • Recall activities that can positively impact inclusion within the organization

Diversity – Awareness Can Lead to Change

Everyone has some form of bias, even it it is unconscious. However, there is no place for bias in business, particularly in multifamily housing. Learn how to identify and weed out your own biases to help you ensure you are providing the best service possible.

Presented by: Kathy Vance

In this thought leader webinar you will discover:

  • Identify what is meant by diversity and biases
  • Recognize personal biases and create different responses
  • Design actions to build awareness and change responses within personal and professional circles

Leadership in the Days of COVID-19

Do leadership skills change in pandemic times?  Should they?  As a manager or supervisor, it probably goes without saying that neither you nor YOUR leaders have all the answers right now!  And the answers that used to work, don’t work now.

Presented by: Susan Weston

Join us for a practical look at what you need to do now to lead your team:

  • Building trust when you don’t know what to say
  • Fighting off “Panic loves Company”
  • Finding “true north” when there is no direction
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Tips you can use from the stock market nosedive

You got this!

Leadership: Your Team Needs These 7 Skills from You NOW

The pandemic, the recession, racial justice protests have given us a challenging environment in which to lead our essential teams. Even August’s “On-Site Teams Day” can’t give us enough ways to show our appreciation. Are you running low on leadership ideas? In June 2020, Leadership IQ asked over 21,000 employees how well their leaders were doing and what they should be doing to lead them now – after four months of ongoing tension and pressure.

Presented by: Susan Weston

Less than 30% of employees felt like their leader was open to using ideas and practices from outside the company and industry to improve performance. Are you listening? Are you encouraging new thoughts? This skill is so important right now because it triggers inspiration and effort. The more open you are to new ideas, the more an employee will be inspired to give his or her best.

In this webinar, learn the other six findings your team needs to feel inspired and motivated. You can make an even more substantial difference in how each employee feels about their work and themselves.

Managing Stress Like a Boss Through the COVID-19 Crisis

These are stressful times; everyone has had to adjust, and we all have new things weighing on our minds each day. Many of us have had to step in as teachers for our children on top of managing our work responsibilities. That being said, stress is nothing new! There are several areas in your life where you can invest time and attention to be the most successful in effectively managing stress and maintaining productivity. Check out these 6 ways to manage stress effectively during COVID-19 and everyday.

Presented by: Julie Doss, Gene B. Glick Company

Virtual Leasing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leasing virtually isn’t just taking what you do in-person and now doing that over video, phone, email or text messaging. Obviously, getting your customers to “say yes to the address” is tougher when they can’t actually experience the physical apartment.

Presented by: Rommel Anacan

In this thought leader webinar you will discover:

  • The five “C’s” you need to know to turn your prospects into your residents
  • How to effectively engage your clients and keep them engaged from a distance
  • How to manage and leverage today’s technology to help in virtually leasing apartments 
  • How to keep you at your best during these chaotic times

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