Reputation Management (Ratings & Reviews)

Influencing public perception of your organization.

Reputation Management

Ratings & Reviews

Edge2Learn offers several Reputation Management webinars. All Reputation Management webinars are available on-demand!

  • An Introduction to Ratings and Reviews
  • Create a 90-day Reputation Management Plan
  • Crisis Management
  • How to Ask for Reviews, Encourage Engagement, and Improve Your Score
  • How to Encourage Reviews and Receive Feedback
  • How to Make Your Reviews Work for You
  • How to Respond to Apartment Reviews: An In-Depth Lesson
  • How Your Competitors Are Using Your Apartment Reviews
  • Improving the Score of Your Online Reputation
  • Multifamily Industry Panel: Who Should Respond to Apartment Reviews?
  • The Best Way to Manage Your Online Reputation
  • The Dark Side of Reputation Management
  • We Got an Apartment Review. Now What? (Session 1)
  • We Got an Apartment Review. Now What? (Session 2)
  • What Ratings and Reviews Really Tell You
  • Why You Should Care About Apartment Reviews

When your sales and marketing teams need to secure leases, improve closing ratios, or simply learn more about the process of leasing, we’ve got you covered with our 30-minute multifamily training webinars available 24/7 in your course library.

Our Edge2Learn reputation management webinars are an excellent way for your team to receive quality information on the sales and marketing titles they need in a convenient, reliable manner.

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