Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking

Every day, we are bombarded with information and choices. Utilizing skills can help us sift out facts from opinions, make better decisions, and achieve more fulfillment in our work and personal lives. Learn what how to improve your skills through real-life scenarios that challenge you to make connections, evaluate information, and think in a different, deliberate way. Each module is approximately 10-20 minutes.

  • The Whys and Hows of Critical Thinking
  • Seeing Through Barriers and Tricks
  • Improved Decision Making

Critical Thinking Sneak Peek Video
Critical Thinking

For starters, the word critical may sound like taking a negative perspective or tearing down someone else’s ideas. But really, a critic sifts out both the negatives AND the positives. We learn it’s best NOT to make decisions on a whim.

Rather than believing whatever they hear, being controlled by their own ego, or just going along with the crowd, we need to form objective opinions and make independent decisions. Understanding what these decisions are will help you learn consistency.

Making decisions is not only utilized for business; it comes into play when you consider attitudes and opinions. Careful intentional thinking using logic and facts to make a reasoned judgment. That judgment should ultimately help you solve real-world problems.

Thinking skills can give you reasons for your opinions, what you believe and choose. It gives you the power to evaluate the advice, claims and motives of others, too.

When you can learn to sort out opinion from fact by listening accurately and analyzing information objectively, conflicts become easier to resolve or might be avoided from the get-go. Thinking clearly and systematically can help with expressing yourself and presenting the information. If you’ve ever found yourself babbling on and on during a meeting or apartment tour, or you struggle to get your point across in an email, you’ll appreciate this benefit.

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