Preventive Maintenance

Keep both your buildings and your budget looking great.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance training for the multifamily industry takes a proactive approach to maintain the physical condition of buildings, landscaping, and equipment. At first glance, preventive maintenance may sound costly and time-consuming, but the payoffs can be huge for a well-implemented program. Learn about the benefits, how to tailor a program for your community, create a master task list and schedule, and get the entire team on board. Each preventive maintenance training module is approximately 5-10 minutes. Available in Spanish (S).

  • Benefits of Preventive Maintenance
  • Crafting a Custom Plan
  • Teamwork, Scheduling and Tips

When you’re so busy chasing your tail that you forget what day it is, you know it’s time to do things differently and put a preventive maintenance program in place. But to get the best benefits, your program should be tailored to your community.

Your maintenance team can start with a basic list from an outside source, then add and subtract items as necessary.  In fact, we have provided a sample template to serve as a starting point in our Preventive Maintenance training course.

During this course, you will review how to Involve the entire team in planning and scheduling, prioritizing tasks with higher ROI, and using vendors as needed.

Your team will know how to create a master calendar that spreads the work out through the year, look for ways to group tasks to work efficiently, use task reminders and work ahead when possible. 

Every little bit counts!

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