A well-planned, structured onboarding process can yield enormous benefits.


Employers may think that an extended onboarding period is simply expensive frosting on the cake: more fluff and sugar than substance. 

Over and over again, though, that opinion has been debunked. A well-planned, structured process can yield enormous benefits to the new employee, the rest of the team, and the community.

Each training module is approximately 10-20 minutes.

  • More than Frosting on the Cake
  • Start Before They Start
  • Day One to Happily Ever After

Onboarding Sneak Peek Video

While orientation takes place in a meeting room or office, much of onboarding happens on the job.

The content of orientation is big picture and company focused. Onboarding is individualized and role-focused.

The outcome of orientation is knowledge acquisition. The outcome of bringing on a new employee is a team effort entrenched in the company culture and ready to contribute in a meaningful way. If we break down this process into three dimensions—organizational, performance, and social—we can better see how it differs from an orientation event.

In this Course Series, your teams will learn:

  • What exactly is onboarding and how is it different than new employee orientation?
  • What are some of the benefits that make it worth the investment in time and effort?

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