Your first chance to get to know a person who might become your next top contributor.


Interviewing is your first chance to get to know a person who might become your next top contributor. But how do you sort out the best from the rest? In addition to learning more about the benefits of good interview skills and strategy, preparing questions that focus on what you need to know, conducting interviews, and evaluating a candidate’s responses. Each interviewing training module is approximately 5-30 minutes.

  • What’s the Big Deal?
  • Before the Interview
  • During the Interview

Interview techniques come in all shapes and sizes, much like job candidates.

Usually, the word “interview” conjures up a scene of a face-to-face meeting between a job candidate and a person in charge of screening or hiring. But “interview” can also mean:

  • a phone interview often used as the first contact for prescreening and narrowing a pool of applicants;
  • a panel interview where a candidate meets with several community team members all together;
  • and perhaps even a video interview in which the candidate and hiring manager are meeting in real-time via video chat.

But no matter what type of interview you conduct, there’s one thing you can depend on. While you’re inspecting candidates, they’re inspecting you, too. 
You probably won’t be impressed if your candidate comes ill-prepared. And if you’re poorly prepared, what will your candidate think of your leadership and the workplace?

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