Customer Service

Going above and beyond what the customer expects.

Customer Service for Maintenance

Customer service is the key to leasing more units, retaining residents, and maintaining a positive reputation. Understand customer service and how to identify three types of customers you work with every day. Gain a better understanding of how to interact with customers throughout the resident’s lifecycle regardless of whether the interaction is occurring online, by telephone and/or in person. Take control and manage situations with challenging customers. Each customer service training module is approximately 15-20 minutes.

Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exemplary customer service is crucial to every business, but especially so in the property management realm, where each customer is selecting the perfect place to call home. It’s one of the biggest decisions an individual can make, and your job is to welcome them and serve as a trusted consultant throughout the entire process. But it doesn’t stop there! Customer service extends throughout the entire resident journey, even beyond the day when they move out. How customers feel about the service they received will determine what they say about your community, your company, and even you. Each customer service training module is approximately 10-20 minutes.

  • Creating a Connection
  • Service throughout the Resident Journey
  • Communication is Key
  • Managing Challenging Situations
  • Make it Memorable

What makes a great customer service experience? Is it about providing the best product or service? Is it about going above and beyond with ‘the extras’? Or is it about providing customers with personal attention and extra care? Ask one hundred people this question and you may get a hundred different answers, because what great customer service looks like, can be different for everyone.

We use the catch-all phrase “Customer Service” to describe any experience a person has with a provider of products and services. 

But in today’s automated world, where many services are delivered solely through technology, what is the key to giving people an exceptional customer service experience? 

Whether in person or online, this means creating a genuine connection with every customer.

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