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Virtual Leasing

It seems simple, right? Leasing virtually should come naturally to experienced leasers. However, that may not be the case! Your prospective residents must fall in love with an apartment that they can’t touch or feel!

In this video series, you’ll discover:

  • The three “C’s” you need to know to convert your virtual
    prospects into residents
  • How to effectively engage your prospects and keep them
    engaged from a distance
  • How to manage and leverage today’s technology to help
    you lease your apartments
  • How to keep you at your best during these chaotic times

About Rommel Anacan

Rommel Anacan is president of his organizational development firm, The Relationship Difference, out of Orange County, California.


Do leadership skills change in pandemic times? Should they? As a manager or supervisor, it probably goes without saying that neither you nor YOUR leaders have all the answers right now! And the answers that used to work, don’t work now. Join us for a practical look at what you need to do now to lead your team:

  • Building trust when you don’t know what to say
  • Fighting off “Panic loves Company”
  • Finding “true north” when there is no direction
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Tips you can use from the stock market nosedive

About Susan Weston

Susan Weston has operated The Susan Weston Company since 2010 consulting and training in the multifamily industry. Her industry career spans over 40 years in executive capacities in Operations, Human Resources and Learning and Development at both publicly traded and private companies.


How do you stay UP when today’s events just seem like downers?  Join Rick Ellis, CPM as he helps us examine the hopeful side of the current world situation as well as the fun and  upbeat slant of working from home and sheltering-in-place. Rick, aka Mr. Monday, has an uncanny way of putting a positive spin on just about everything.  And he always adds a bit of his unique humor.

  • Are You Likable? –  This learned trait is more important than ever as we learn to exist in closed quarters.  Shelter-in-place?  You better be likable!
  • Virtual Leasing still means FRIENDLY Leasing – With so much great new ideas and strategies on leasing from afar, don’t forget the genuine friendliness is always a part of any human encounter…even virtual.  Especially virtual.
  • Professionalism Starts at Home! – Say what?  Yep, don’t forget that professionalism may be the one trait in our life most needed in our new work from home reality.  Maybe it always was.  Let’s talk about personal professionalism.
  • Thermometer or Thermostat? – This is your choice.  Everyday.  Its the menu of life.  What you choose makes all the difference in the world to your work team and your home team.
  • Five Ideas – A Declaration of Personal Interdependence – How do you describe the kind of person our residents want to deal with right now?  Don’t they want to engage with someone who has the capacity for relationship?  Someone who has the ability to genuinely connect?  Rick shares these thoughts for the relationship expert Landon Saunders.  Definitely touch-feely.

About Rick Ellis

Rick Ellis, CPM, is President and CWB (Chief Worker Bee) of ELLIS Consulting Services, an Irving, TX based apartment marketing, training,
and contract-leasing firm. Rick manages 300+ single-family homes, duplexes and small apartment communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Working from Home

If your company has transitioned to working remotely, your daily routine has changed significantly. Working from home or remotely is definitely different than working in an office and there is no one-size-fits-all formula. However, Edge2Learn and Ellis in Partners in Management Solutions are here to help as we’ve been working remotely for several years!

Discover our best practices, including:

  • Our tips for scheduling your day based on your lifestyle
  • Suggested documentation and communication methods
  • What works for your demographic: working alone, working with
    family at home, sharing your workspace with a spouse or
    significant other
  • How to thrive as a remote worker
  • How to build social opportunities when there’s no office

About Pam Roberts Pederson

Edge2Learn, Director of Engagement and Communication

Pam has a unique ability to provide training materials in a captivating and entertaining format and facilitates presentations and webinars nationally for the Multifamily industry.

Homeschooling Tips

Join me as I share tried and true tips on how to successfully transition and blend your work and your children’s education in your home.

The transition. Don’t replicate the classroom—it’s not!

  • What is my role? Am I really “homeschooling”?
  • It all starts with a routine. Set one. Make it visible. Stick to it.
  • Plan a M-F schedule for everyone. Wear it loosely.
  • How to limit disruptions so that you can get your work done!
  • Moving past the books. Teach them the things they will NEVER
    learn in school.
  • Take your kids to work day!
  • The Topic Wheel- Stimulating productive educational
    conversations with all ages.
  • Create a Covid-19 History Vault: We are all living out a moment
    history which will be captured in your children’s and grandchildren’s history books. Journal, research, copy articles, compare, contrast, and

About Maria Lawson

Maria Lawson began her career in 1990 as a Leasing Professional. Her years of leasing and managing a variety of product types gave her a deep understanding of the industry. She quickly took that grassroots knowledge into the training and marketing room.