Learning Management System

High tech but low effort – simple, easy to use and intuitive.

In Multifamily education, we are always focusing on improving the learning experience, and we can do that with our Learning Management System. Online learning is a very popular way to do so, giving learners new, flexible ways to access courses, compliance content, references, and resources. As Property Management tries to keep pace with the digital transformations of other industries, we face unique challenges. Resources are often tight, both in terms of staff and budgets. An online learning solution and learning management system cannot require a dedicated IT resource, and it needs to be cost-effective. Most of all, it needs to elevate the learning experience for your associates.

Edge2Learn gives educational organizations a powerful, flexible platform to meet learner needs, as well as the needs of the extended learning population, such as rental office staff and corporate positions. Our learning management system (LMS) enables you to create courses and content specific to each learner’s role within the organization and easily assign access and track progress. Learner data is protected under the most stringent security protocols and for larger companies, the learning management system platform can scale beyond thousands of users without affecting performance or access across global locations.

Let us empower you to make education more accessible and strive toward the goal of “education for all.” The Edge2Learn platform removes barriers for learners who may be restricted by geographical distance or remote location.  Take advantage of the automation capabilities to distribute courses and assignments, manage communications, and track activity and results. It’s easier than ever to stay on top of learner progress and nurture toward the best outcomes.

Edge2Learn’s customizable learning management system, EDGE, is a turnkey solution that provides all the tools needed to manage your internal program with minimal cost and maximum measurable results. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface and dashboard let you easily manage everything from tracking training requirements to identifying company knowledge gaps and on-boarding new employees.

We take all the components of great learning, organize them all in one place, and power your entire property management company’s training program. Our learning management system (LMS) serves as a resource where your company can support a culture of learning, communicate consistent expectations and deliver a relevant and engaging learning experience for apartment professionals – all with the intention of empowering your employees to focus on their professional growth and development.

The Edge2Learn LMS streamlines the online educational experience, increases employee engagement and reduces administrative time. From customizing training modules to taking a quick micro-learning course to tracking employee progress, every awesome feature is amazingly user-friendly.

To stay true to our name, Edge2Learn continually invests in creating new training resources and new technologies while simultaneously making it all easy to use, which we do with the goal of improving job performance for property management professionals.

Grow your teams in all areas throughout their careers. Learn more about Edge2Learn courses HERE!