Golf Cart Safety

How to stay safe while driving smart.

Golf Cart Safety

Golf carts and other similar light-duty vehicles are commonly used in apartment communities. Golf carts are convenient and fun. And because they are used for travel to short distances, safety considerations are often overlooked, increasing the potential for injury and liability issues. Through humorous scenarios, you will learn safe driving and parking skills and protocols, rooted in both OSHA and ANSI standards.  Each golf cart safety training module is approximately 15 minutes. Available in Spanish (S).

  • Safe Driving
  • Safe Riding, Hauling and Maintenance

Can you believe it? Over a period of 17 years, golf cart-related injuries resulted in nearly 148,000 visits to emergency rooms! 

Most of those injuries were caused by falling from the carts.

Keep in mind that your community may have additional requirements for golf cart policy, use, or safety. 

So, in addition to the safety procedures in this course, be sure to follow your community-specific rules.

Keep these key takeaways in mind to avoid becoming a golf cart case file:

  • In optimal driving conditions, keep your speed below 15 miles per hour unless your community has a different policy.
  • Reduce speed for hazardous terrain, weather, or around obstacles, including pedestrians, animals, and other vehicles.
  • Just say no to reckless driving and horseplay.
  • Know and follow your community’s policy on-street driving.
  • Follow similar parking restrictions as automobiles.
  • When leaving the vehicle, please turn it off, set the brake, and take the keys with you.

Golf Cart Safety Sneak Peek Video

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