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Coaching Training

Coaching training can boost team member engagement and motivation, and build high-performing organizations, but it takes training for a leader to develop coaching skills. Learn how great coaches think, the skills to use and steps to take when coaching, how to use the GROW framework, and situations when coaching might not be the best approach. Along the way, you’ll practice making coaching decisions through interactive scenarios involving typical community situations. Each coaching training module is approximately 10-20 minutes.

  • Why Coach?
  • How to Coach
  • Overcoming Challenges

Coaching Training

When a supervisor simply tells employees what to do and doesn’t truly listen to them, the employees will often feel frustrated. This type of leadership can make team members passive, dependent and unmotivated. Leaders learn in our training program that while some employees may expect all their problems to be solved for them, that’s not the way to foster engagement and motivation and to build self-esteem.

Coaching is not teaching. Rather, it is creating the conditions that help people learn. It is less rushing to fix something and more helping someone else see past barriers to find solutions. It is less telling and more asking. And instead of focusing on past mistakes, coaching focuses on future possibilities.

All of that might sound good in theory, but for a busy leader who needs to get things done, simply telling people what to do and teaching them how to do it may seem like a more efficient plan.

Leaders gain insight into their team’s potential—how they think and how much they know—and leaders could support their further growth.

With trust, leaders could learn to let team members solve minor problems themselves. Plus, those higher-performing employees could take on more of the load leaders now carries themselves.

Finally, growing and trusting team members after coaching training opens the way for better collaboration. With a team offering input and ideas, leaders might not feel that it’s all on them.

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coaching training

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