Bed Bug Awareness

Prevent and eliminate this nuisance that can threaten the comfort of your home.

Bed Bug Awareness*

In our Bed Bug Awareness Training, we’ll discuss why bed bugs are one of the least welcome residents in apartment communities and one of the hardest to evict. They readily take up residence wherever humans live, from the least expensive to the most expensive communities. Be prepared by understanding bed bug habits, setting up a defensive strategy through education and policies, spotting and responding to bed bug activity, finding a pest management professional, and communicating with residents. Each bed bug awareness training module is approximately 15-25 minutes. Available in Spanish (S).

*Elective Course/Additional Fees Apply

  • Get Proactive
  • Detection and Remediation

Media coverage of bed bugs was everywhere you looked in the early 2000s, as bed bug infestations were on the rise. Even though the media has moved on to other topics, bed bug outbreaks are just as widespread as they were then and show no signs of vanishing soon.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bed bugs are not known to spread disease. S

Bed bug eggs are whitish and tiny, about one millimeter, or the size of a pinhead. Young bed bugs, known as nymphs, look like smaller versions of the adults, though they are lighter in color. They go through five stages of growth, each time taking a blood meal by biting a person and then shedding their outer shell. At each stage they become slightly larger and darker in color.

Education and planning are your first-line defense against bed bugs. That’s why in our Bed Bugs Awareness Training, we’ll review:

  • How can you and your residents recognize bed bugs, where they live, and how they spread?
  • What do residents need to know to help keep the community safe?
  • What can training do for the team?
  • How and when can apartment inspections strengthen your defense?
  • And what other planning helps smooth the way in case of a bed bug infestation?

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