Edge2Learn is an eLearning company whose focus is the Property Management Industry and specializes in property management training. With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to increase industry excellence, we are passionate about delivering learning that maximizes benefits for both companies and employees. Our program engages learners and prepares them to deliver a superior customer experience. Also, in turn, reduces corporate liability risks and overall employee turnover.

Aligned with well-respected industry leader, Ellis, Partners in Management Solutions, the Edge2Learn platform provides a turnkey solution based on clearly identified needs and opportunities. We have collaborated with longstanding customers to develop the most effective tools to propel learners along their path to personal growth and development.  After all, we continue to learn ourselves, striving to enhance our proven industry experience with new approaches and innovations.

See you at the top!

Sharpen knowledge while cutting costs


Our learning management system, EDGE, assesses knowledge gaps, creates tailored learning programs, monitors compliance and training progress company-wide.


Our eLearning courses, performance-based training and educational seminars make it easy to keep skills up to date as well as provide critical compliance and new employee training.


Everyone advances faster toward their goals. Our solutions encourage employees to advance faster toward their career goals while increasing employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention and shielding against costly liability.