Performance Measurement Tools

Unleash the power of optimal performance for your employees.

The power of performance.

All property management companies are highly dependent on how well every employee performs. Yet many companies struggle with maximizing employee performance while also keeping employee morale high and turnover low.  Knowing that highly-engaged employees outperform disengaged employees, we know that property performance begins with the employee experience.  Based on our Ellis Partners in Management Solutions’ mystery shop, resident survey and employee survey data, we see that as employee engagement scores increase, so do resident and prospect experiences.

The tools you need.

Performance measurement tools, such as apartment mystery shops, resident surveys, and employee surveys, provide accountability and invaluable feedback, allowing multi-family companies to understand a number of perspectives from their the employees, apartment prospects, and apartment renters.  Ongoing feedback provides opportunities to recognize successes, understand how well employees are meeting expectations, and provide proper support and property management training to your onsite teams.  

Ongoing feedback that gets results.

Ensure your employees are equipped to meet your company specific objectives. The success of their journey begins with their onboarding experience but it does not stop there.  Keeping the employee engaged and striving for their own personal development and career advancement must be continually supported with effective communication, property management training, performance evaluation, and coaching/redirection.

All you need to know, from the ones who know it best. 

Our property management training system is designed to mesh closely with Ellis’ mystery shops and resident surveys, enabling us to respond to specific needs and opportunities with performance-based online training. Plus, we’re enhancing our core online course offering with complimentary tips, training consultation, and shared community Multifamily resources. Our depth of industry knowledge is complemented by the latest technology to increase operational efficiency, decrease internal expenses, and provide support for employee retention. This makes Edge2Learn uniquely qualified to train all personnel with relevant property management training content and report results effectively, while reducing your total training cost.