Leadership Training

Visionary, forward-thinking and powerful strategies for today’s leaders.

Edge2Learn provides a tiered leadership training structure that includes two full dedicated series, Leadership 101 and Leadership 201. Leadership, as you’ll see, can be learned and your skills improved. 

  • Helps employees recognize the differing roles and behaviors of managers and leaders
  • Gives direction to distinguish between assigned and emergent leadership
  • Describes how leadership thinking involves a change from focus on a single effort (linear) to an interrelated system (complex)
  • Identifies ways to embrace a leadership mindset through exposure to new ideas and people.

Inspiring others through creating a vision, motivating and building morale, and gaining trust are just a few of the takeaways for your leaders and future leaders.  Leadership is not an overnight accomplishment. Even great leaders throughout history grew their skills over years of trying, failing, trying again, and succeeding. It will take time to find your own best leadership style. All the more reason to jump in and get started with leadership training!

*Elective Course/Additional Fees Apply

Leadership 101

Leaders think beyond the management of everyday tasks to inspire, motivate and create alignment. Leadership is a complex role requiring a non-linear mindset and a deep toolbox of skills, which can be learned through practice. Supported by academic research, this series uses common community situations and recognizable examples to demonstrate how new and experienced leaders can benefit from examining several key leadership frameworks. Each leadership training module is approximately 5-20 minutes.

  • Can Leadership Be Learned?
  • What Does Leadership Look Like?
  • Finding Your Leadership Style Through Frameworks

Leadership 201

Why should community managers learn to step beyond day-to-day transactional practices and gain valuable leadership skills? In short: improved morale, efficiency, engagement, and positive outcomes for the leader and the team. In this leadership training series, you will learn and improve skills in leading, empowering and executing by applying these leadership skills through extended, realistic scenarios involving community managers and their teams.  Each module is approximately 10-30 minutes.

  • Leadership in Practice
  • Lead
  • Empower
  • Execute

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