Discover that managing renewals is done throughout the entire lease term, not just upon expiration.


More often than not, sales teams put most of their effort into new leases because apartment tours, applications, and prospect follow-ups are time-intensive. However, renewing residents are the heart and soul of any successful community. They’re the ones who plant roots and help shape the community’s environment. Unfortunately, managing the renewal process is sometimes treated as an afterthought. It’s crucial to effectively and strategically manage timing, communications, and operations for residents whose leases are expiring. Each training module is approximately 10-15 minutes.

  • It Takes a Village
  • Consistent Communication
  • Winning Renewals
  • When Renewals is Not the Answer
  • Strategic Lease Expiration Management

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When you think about building a community, you likely think about getting new leases and making ready apartments, right? Activities related to move-ins and move-outs really do seem to dominate the schedule.

However a renewal is just as important, if not more so! And the renewal process isn’t only about sending notices and getting leases signed at renewal time. Throughout the resident’s stay with the community, the entire staff should be working together to create an environment that makes the resident’s decision easy. 

Once residents move in, leasing professionals handle day-to-day customer service issues while maintenance teams may spend time connecting with residents during routine service requests.

Both leasing and maintenance teams also see residents out and about in the community. Each can take the opportunity to say hello and continue building rapport with every interaction. The important thing to note is that it takes both sides of the coin to create a warm, welcoming environment where residents want to continue to stay. 

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