Two Companies. One Unified Solution

Our Focus Is People. Our Passion Is Partnership.

Our Story

A 40-year veteran in the multifamily industry, Ellis Partners is widely recognized as the industry leader in mystery shop services. Having now offered resident, employee, and custom surveys for the past 10 years, Ellis is able to serve up 50 years’ worth of data and insights to offer the most robust performance benchmark reporting in the industry.

6 years ago, Edge2Learn brought to the industry a new option in fully developed e-learning, with the ability to host content on Edge2Learn’s LMS or an independent LMS. Recently, Edge2Learn launched Policy Edge, bringing the industry a new option for policies and procedure content and hosting. Both products are built on proven software platforms which allow their technical capabilities to advance far beyond the competition.

Our Solution

Multifamily properties thrive with multi-talented people. Ellis’ and Edge2Learn’s decades-long industry experience work together to bring you E-Learning, Policies & Procedures, Mystery Shopping, Resident Surveys, and Employee Surveys in a single, complete solution, accompanied by a consultative partnership to help you tailor your approach. We call it, “The Partner Performance Journey”.

Performance Journey

Our Focus is People. Our Passion is Partnership

While the above tells a story of how our Partner Performance products work together, we are flexible and ready to customize a solution for you. Whether you use one or two of our products or the whole suite, whether your customization is as simple as customizing a few survey questions, mystery shop templates, or policies and procedures OR involves our team helping you develop and host customized live training, whether you use our e-learning content in your platform or ours, we are committed to tailoring our solution to meet your needs.

Let’s take the journey together.

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