Sight-Unseen Leasing

When apartment hunters can’t come to you, how do you modify your leasing process?

Sight-Unseen Leasing

When apartment hunters can’t come to you, how do you modify your leasing process to include sight-unseen leasing? From initial contact to hearing them say, “yes,” we’ll look at how to handle initial inquiries, modify your tour experience, conduct effective follow-up, and more, all while reinforcing best-practice leasing techniques. Yes, you can fill vacancies with loyal residents, even sight unseen! This training module is approximately 12 minutes.

  • Describe how initial inquiry techniques are applied to sight-unseen leasing.
  • Identify the tour alternatives available to you and construct a virtual tour plan based on customer needs and interests.
  • Understand how follow-up practices differ in sight-unseen leasing.
  • Explain your community’s application and deposit processes for sight-unseen leasing.

When a customer is right there with you, it’s easier to build rapport, ask questions and get to know their needs.

That’s why you’ll want to make the most out of every interaction.

Asking open-ended questions during that initial phone call or email will be crucial to learning about your customer’s needs. You’ll need this information to meet those needs and discuss why your apartment home is a good fit.

Be sure you ask enough questions to really understand not only the customer’s needs, but also their timeline and decision-making process. 

For example, do others need to be included in the decision? And what do they need to know to make a decision?

Remember, your overall goal is to learn more about the customer’s needs and create a connection while moving the process toward asking them to become a resident.

Connect the information you provide to your customer’s needs. Sending or offering too many things is like data-dumping your features and amenities during a tour, instead of customizing the experience. Good follow-up speaks volumes about the level of service at your community and the stability of that service.

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