Live Training

Apartment training transforms knowledge into action.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is an integral part of a blended property management training program. Through our strategic partner, Ellis Partners in Management Solutions, we offer additional training resources as part of our program. At Ellis, training is not something just done at onboarding alone but rather through continual learning, redirection, and development for each apartment professional.

Ellis’ approach to training is personalized, from coaching to specific classroom and web-based training sessions designed to fit your specific property management training needs. The goal is to help you align performance with your organizational goals. We truly want to serve as your partner in the blended learning environment.

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Nothing beats the engagement and energy of a live presentation.  Ellis’ speakers are dynamic and effective teachers and trainers who will connect with the onsite professionals and make an immediate impact on performance.  Instructor led training can be delivered in half day or full day increments.  We provide training focused on developing supervisors, property managers, assistant managers, leasing professionals, and maintenance personnel.  By providing a live training session, your employees are able to focus on what is being taught with fewer distractions.


Ellis’ speakers and trainers deliver webinar training in powerful 30- to 60-minute segments, concluding with a Q&A session.  Not only do all participants enjoy a fun and information-rich webinar presentation, they also have extensive seminar handouts to use and refer to long after the actual training. Our webinars provide concise and effective training to target any areas of improvement.


Ellis can also do an ongoing mentoring program that will help new or struggling onsite team members on an individual or group basis.  Ellis will review recent apartment mystery shop and survey feedback to conduct training, which will be conducted via webinar, adding a personal touch that contributes to employee buy-in and long-term training success.

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