Time Management

Change how you manage time by aligning time use to your goals.

Time Management

The term alone sounds as if we can force time to slow down when we need it to or add more time into a day. So, how’s that working out for you? We can’t change time, but we can change how we manage time by aligning time use to our goals, creating an awareness of how we use or misuse our time, learning how to prioritize better, and avoiding procrastination. Each module is approximately 10-20 minutes.

  • Know Your Time Challenges
  • Priorities and Procrastination

When was the last time you got to three p.m. and realized there was nothing left to do for the day? If you’re like most community team members, the answer is “never.”

Time management may not add more hours to your day, but it can help you use the time you have more efficiently by directing your focus and learning not only to prioritize but to shift priorities as needed.

Valuing your career could include your current work needs and responsibilities, plus anything you need to potentially advance your career or launch your life in a new direction. Having time to nurture relationships is key to the social domain. That can include family, friends, and others who are important to us.

Let’s look closer at time management by asking:

  • What can be gained by better time management?
  • What is it that drives the way you use and prioritize your time?
  • And how can understanding how you spend time now help you to improve?

Time Management Sneak Peek Video:

Time Management

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