Why Edge2Learn?

Knowledge in action puts success in motion.

Edge2Learn is a performance improvement solution for the multifamily industry. We provide a full suite of online training courses, including apartment leasing agent training, that help employees continuously improve their skills as they grow and develop in their professions. Engaging, context-relevant courses are delivered through various active learning experiences to maintain attention, increase retention, and move the needle on performance, giving you an edge to learning. Our science-driven approach delivers best practice training grounded in research from distinguished academic institutions and highly regarded industry organizations dedicated to providing the most effective and engaging instruction for today’s learners.

Our unique learning programs focus on improving high-impact skills and effective use of time dedicated training.

Improve Performance | Continually reinforcing high impact skill areas

Training that doesn’t stick, recurring challenges with the same skill set over time, high turnover, and disengaged employees – these are the top issues our customers tell us they face continually. Edge2Learn gives your employees what they need to be successful. With a full library of short and engaging online training and an easy-to-use LMS, the ability to customize learning to individual needs, and our unique set of programs that specifically target improvement on high impact skill sets, your employees will excel in their fields, want to stick around, and develop a shared commitment to success.

Efficient use of time for training | Targeted apartment leasing agent training to reduce wasted time in training

Everyone’s time is valuable. Having access to the right training at the right time makes the most of your employee’s limited resources. Being able to quickly and easily assign, customize, track, and adjust training makes the most of yours. With Edge2Learn’s short and engaging apartment leasing agent training and maintenance training online courses and easy-to-use LMS, learning is personalized to individual needs. Skills continue to develop over time. With our unique set of programs, your employees only spend time on the skills that need improvement and move the needle where it counts. 

Edge2Learn is the first and only eLearning provider for the multifamily industry that offers learning strategy consultations to meet the unique needs of your business. Learning strategists and an administrator support library provide best practice recommendations to help customers make the most of the wide range of tools and resources available with Edge2Learn for apartment leasing agent training and more.

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