Mystery Shops & Resident Surveys Integration

Performance-based training that targets areas that need improvement.

Edge2Learn’s LMS is designed to mesh closely with Ellis’ apartment mystery shops and resident surveys, enabling us to train to knowledge gaps our shops and surveys reveal using our performance-based online training. Our depth of the apartment industry knowledge is complemented by the latest technology to increase operational efficiency, decrease internal expenses, and provide support for employee retention. This makes us uniquely qualified to train all apartment personnel with relevant content and report results effectively, while reducing your total training cost.

Everything you need, including results.

By targeting areas identified as opportunities using mystery shops and resident surveys, we reduce time spent on training. We assign 1-6-minute microlearning segments to help apartment learners focus their time and attention on specific knowledge gaps.

Mystery Shops

What specific action can you take to get the best results for your properties? Once you have objective feedback on leasing performance, you’re in a better position to assess performance and take action for improvement as needed.

Mystery shopping allows you to collect objective and qualitative “real life” data on the experience of your customers from their perspective. Through this technique, you can gain a more dynamic picture of customer service and identify key areas for improvement, making it easy to identify what changes you want to put in place.

Resident Surveys

Our targeted resident surveys program identifies and prioritizes the actions required to drive a more positive customer experience. Our program is geared toward customer loyalty – understanding the customer and what influences them to renew and/or recommend your community to a friend or family member. The customer experience in the multifamily industry tends to decline over time. Connecting one-on-one with each resident throughout their residency allows you to manage expectations and perceptions by creating trust and relationships. All of these actions contribute to a better and more consistent customer experience, optimizing customer loyalty.

Our ultimate goal is performance improvement for the multifamily industry. Delivering an engaging and performance-based learning experience helps learners stay motivated to achieve that goal.

Training that’s almost effortless for you, yet amazingly effective for your employees.

Mystery Shops Micro Bites

Bite-sized and targeted based on shop results.

Resident Survey Micro Bites

Bite-sized and targeted based on survey results.

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