Emotional Intelligence

Success comes easier when your personal interactions are smarter.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) has become a hot topic in business and personal development. Emotions can help you work smarter, or undermine your efforts. Learn more about what emotional intelligence is, why it matters and how you can boost it to improve your day-to-day interactions with community residents and co-workers. Each emotional intelligence training module is approximately 15 minutes.

  • The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Myths, facts, and impacts
  • Learning new EI skills
  • Practice to build EI

If you’ve heard of emotional intelligence before, you may have seen it abbreviated as EI or you may have seen the abbreviation EQ, but rest assured that both of them mean the same thing.

Being thoughtful or caring is only one way that EI might show. For example, knowing when and how to tell someone an uncomfortable truth that might cause them pain also requires good emotional intelligence. So, EI traits display differently in different people.

High emotional intelligence does not mean freely and openly displaying all emotions. Rather, it means knowing what situations are appropriate to let emotions show, and when feelings should not be expressed. For example, openly crying at learning of a coworker’s death might be appropriate. Crying at every small setback on the job is not.

Another myth about EI is that women naturally have higher emotional intelligence. The truth, however, is that some EI skills such as self-confidence and optimism tend to be stronger in men, while women tend to be more aware of their emotions and show more empathy. These EI qualities are by no means limited to one gender or the other, and there is much more overlap than difference.

Emotional intelligence skills include proper display of emotion, not lacking or suppressing all emotion. So, let’s look at what emotional intelligence is in our Emotional Intelligence training series.

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