Appreciating Differentness

How to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in your community.

Appreciating Differentness

Some communities make an effort to hire for diversity, or at least they try not to violate any laws. However, communities that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion tend to find the greatest success, and their teams experience the greatest satisfaction. In this series, you’ll learn about the benefits of seeing through the eyes of others, how to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in your community, why implicit bias gets in our way, and how to overcome bias while improving your cultural competence. It’s not just about having a community that looks diverse; it’s about accepting and appreciating the differentness in each person. Each training module is approximately 20 minutes.  Available in Spanish (S).

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Cultural Bridges

Edge2Learn Appreciating Differentness Sneak Peek Video

Sneak Peek Appreciating Differentness

What does the word “diversity” mean to you? It’s definitely a word that can bring up some strong opinions and feelings because people define and view it differently. 

For some people, diversity only means race and ethnicity. For others, the term also includes differences in personality, what you believe, your lifestyle, and more.

So, while diversity can include all the ways that humans are similar and different, let’s focus on certain differences that are often physical and visible. These features help us literally see the diversity around us. Plus, they often drive biases that can greatly impact a person’s access and opportunities.

Some people think about increasing diversity narrowly in terms of how many groups are represented in what percentages, rather than the people, skills, and abilities behind the numbers. In this course, we will think of expanding diversity.

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