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COVID-19 is a pandemic that has affected everyone in our industry both in business and personal life. With this in mind, we’ve created free resources for our client partners, supporters, and friends of the Multifamily industry to assist you with adjusting and taking precautions as needed.

From seasonal flu outbreaks to the novel coronavirus, it may seem like the germs are out to get us. But together, we’ll keep the Multi-family industry moving forward and ready to handle what comes next.

COVID-19 Multifamily Training Resources Listed Below Are Available With Registration →

In the Know

  • COVID-19 Make a Plan
  • Virtual Tours
  • Sight Unseen Leasing
  • Legal Considerations
  • Cyber Smarts During COVID-19
  • Follow-Ups Make the Difference

Precautions for Maintenance

  • Before, During and After Being in a Resident’s Apartment
  • Precautions for Apartment Tours

COVID-19 Video Tips

  • Video Tips: Virtual Leasing
  • Video Tips: Leadership
  • Video Tips: Motivational
  • Video Tips: Working from Home
  • Video Tips: Homeschooling

External Resources

  • CDC – COVID-19 Resources
  • NMHC – COVID-19 Resources
  • NAA – COVID-19 Resources
  • COVID-19 Executive Orders by State

e-Learning Classes

  • Prerecorded Video Tours
  • Live Streaming Video Tours
  • Sight Unseen Leasing
  • Self-Guided Tours


  • Virtual Leasing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Leadership in the Days of COVID-19
  • Everything You Need to Get Started with Virtual Leasing
  • Navigating Work, Parenting and Home Education During COVID-19
  • Reopening the Workplace During & After COVID-19: Tackling Critical Legal Issues & Implementing Employer Best Practices
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations Virtually During COVID-19
  • Follow Up Strategies For Virtual Leasing
  • Best Practices For Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Managing Stress Like a Boss Through the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Presentation Skills for Virtual Tours
  • We’re Better Together: Property Management’s Approach to Emotional & Mental Health During COVID-19
  • Leasing to Keep ‘Em! Keeping Residents Longer Even in a COVID-19 World
  • Self -Guided Tours – Now What?
  • Adaptability – Be a Game Changer (06/25/2020)


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