7 Key Tips to Add Value to Your Virtual Tour Presentations

You have probably had the opportunity to perform quite a few virtual tours by this point, but there may still be places you can polish to really step up your game and outshine the competition. Before we discuss the 7 key tips to add value to your virtual tour presentation, let’s look at some of the common traps that can really deflate a successful tour.

  • Rushing Through the Presentation – You still need to make time for your prospect and make a connection, especially with virtual tours!
  • Skipping Critical Parts of the Process – All of the same steps you take during an in-person tour still apply with virtual tours; they’re just applied differently. One important step that many leasing professionals miss is asking for the lease. Passively telling the prospect they can apply online is not the same as directly asking for the sale.
  • Being Generic or Boring in the Presentation – Even though you may be on your last presentation of the day, remember it is the first virtual tour for your prospect. Work to keep your presentation fresh and customized to the person you’re talking to right now.
  • Running Down a Checklist – Avoid going down the list like a robot. When you do this, you allow yourself to become nothing more than an “order taker” and this minimizes engagement and depersonalizes the encounter. Today’s customers expect more.

Once you’re aware of and avoiding those stumbling blocks to success, you can focus on these seven key tips to add value to your virtual tour presentations.

  1. Style Points Matter – You can perform all the technical pieces of a thorough tour, but the style you use matters, especially for virtual leasing tours. These presentations require added emphasis to flavor the experience and make it “more”. Remember you are the one in charge of the presentation and you are in control of what the prospect can and cannot see.
  2. Treat it Like a First Date – Treat each prospect interaction the way you would treat an eagerly anticipated first date. In that scenario, you put your best foot forward! You dress your best and display your best behavior and personality. You are doing everything you can to make a great first impression. Apply that same mindset to your virtual leasing tour interactions.
  3. Bump Up the Energy – You will need to use a lot more energy on a call or video tour than you would in person. In fact, if it feels like too much in person, it will be just about right through the virtual experience. Beware, this does not mean to talk FASTER, just more expressively. This idea of elevated energy also includes conveying a friendly welcome through your facial expressions and body language. It may feel silly in person, but it’s crucial for video interactions! Be sure to smile a lot, even when you’re speaking, and try to sound excited with your tone of voice.
  4. Use Landscape Mode (Except on Instagram) – Landscape mode this gives the prospect a wider view so they can see more of what the apartment and community have to offer. The exception to this rule is Instagram, which uses a square frame.
  5. Check in Often – Keep the prospect engaged by verbally checking in frequently. Ask if there is anything more they want to see, or ask how the apartment looks or what they think. This will allow you to make sure you’ve shown them everything they need to see to make a leasing decision.
  6. Manage the Transitions – The tour is a story and you are the narrator, so don’t forget to narrate the experience. Let the prospect know where you’re heading and what you’re doing. You should still use the same descriptive words you’d use in person as you show the amenities and apartment. You can use the FORM formula (family, occupation, recreation, message) to help minimize dead air when you’re having trouble making conversation. These topics can give you insights into what is important to the prospect.
  7. Keep the Conversation Going – Right now, most of your interactions are taking place on the phone or virtually. This means you’ll need to plan to spend more time on those conversations than you did before in order to add the same value you would get from an in-person interaction.

Don’t worry. Virtual leasing does not mean you’ll need to become someone new! Instead, you only need to learn how to be a magnified version of yourself. Avoid common traps and focus on these 7 key tips to add value to your virtual presentations and you’ll meet with great success.

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Rommel Anacan
The Relationship Difference

Rommel is an award-winning motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and strategist. He powerfully impacts people, companies and organizations by providing the clarity, motivation and education they need to break through their limits and achieve the success they desire.

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