Edge2Learn Launches Artificial Intelligence Training for Multifamily Industry

New platform provides virtual one-on-one instruction

Irving, Texas (August 11, 2020) – Edge2Learn, an e-learning company specializing in the multifamily industry, today announced the introduction of artificial intelligence to its learning platform. The AI platform provides role playing opportunities for one-on-one instruction without a need for an in-person trainer. It is one of several cutting-edge e-learning programs Edge2Learn offers.

“The AI platform is a video-based practice training tool.  It provides quick, specific feedback and an avenue to tweak sales presentations until they are perfect and ultimately result in better sales performances,” said Joanna Ellis, co-founder and chief executive officer of Edge2Learn. “Several property management companies are rushing to adopt this technology, especially in the wake of COVID-19.  We understand firsthand, through my mystery shopping company, Ellis Partners in Management Solutions, the onsite teams are struggling to acclimate in this new leasing environment.  Now, thanks to our AI technology, Edge2Learn provides a tool for the onsite teams to adapt to new leasing strategies by practicing their selling and communication skills in a safe environment.  This is just one example of how we will be utilizing AI in the Edge2Learn platform.”

Edge2Learn’s AI platform features ease-of-use for both the learner and administrator. Administrators can seamlessly set-up a video assessment training module for employees, enter a question or summary of the content to be addressed, and select keywords to be included or avoided by the learner.  The keyword feature helps users learn what content is expected.

Learners, in turn, upload a video in response to the scenario.  Learners are provided a transcript of the video lesson and can quickly identify which keywords they are expected to use and avoid. The learner receives a video analysis within moments and can make corrections before submitting the content for review to the administrator. This AI analysis provides learners an overall score for each video lesson based on rate of speech, keywords avoided, and keywords included. Once a video is submitted for review, it will appear on the dashboard where the administrator can view and rate it by a star rating. Administrators can also provide feedback and monitor employee progress without the arduous task of manually reviewing these video assessments.

“Edge2Learn’s AI platform was developed by professionals with first-hand, real-world experience. The result is a powerful, interactive learning tool that will engage users and elevate their learning experience to a whole new level resulting in better leasing and customer service interactions and overall professional growth,” said Ellis.

In addition to providing the tools necessary for operators to manage their internal property management e-learning and training programs, Edge2Learn also offers complimentary tips, consultation, and shared community resources to help improve compliance, sales, and customer and employee retention.

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Edge2Learn is a property management e-learning company. With more than 35 years of experience and a commitment to increase industry performance, Edge2Learn is passionate about delivering education that maximizes benefits for both companies and employees. Edge2Learn’s programs engage learners and prepare them to deliver a superior customer experience. For more information, please visit www.edge2learn.com.

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