Edge2Learn Premieres Its Integrative Multifamily Policy and Procedure Product

Policies and Procedures

Edge2Learn, specializing in the multifamily industry, announces the roll-out of a policy and procedures platform, Policy Edge, that complements the existing Edge2Learn e-learning platform. The release of this unique product addresses the challenge of writing, managing, delegating, and approving Property Management policies and procedures. While fully integrating with Edge2Learn’s existing e-learning and training media, Policy Edge addresses the desire for improved structure, organization, communication, and compliance for small, mid-size, and large multifamily organizations.

After the release in August 2020 of its artificial intelligence online video role-play training, Edge2Learn saw the need for a modernized approach to policies and procedures as existing clients were dealing with ever-changing processes due to the pandemic. And, quickly, Edge2Learn’s frontend partner, PowerDMS, was able to provide Edge2Learn with a technology tool to build its policy and procedure product. PowerDMS has a 20-year history of helping high-trust organizations in the government, universities, healthcare, and law enforcement industries to get control and manage crucial information.

Joanna Ellis, Edge2Learn’s co-founder and CEO, describes a key differential of the Policy Edge product in comparison to others: “Using the expertise of subject-matter experts in the industry, Policy Edge capitalizes on nearly four decades of direct Property Management experience. As a result, our policies are fresh, relevant, and current with today’s continuously changing environment. In addition to the policies, the platform streamlines the arduous task of managing, updating, and distributing policies. Best of all, it’s all done online. We want to ensure Policy Edge supports each client’s goals and objectives with Edge2Learn. With that in mind, we will continue to update, and add to, the more than 250 policies written thus far to provide our customers what they need to ensure their organization’s compliance.”

Aligned with its commitment to modernize how multifamily companies conduct business, Edge2Learn’s policy platform effectively eliminates the need for multiple stakeholders to be present in one room. Policy Edge is collaborative functionality at its most efficient. It moves any policy through the creation and approval process, allowing multiple users to customize, edit, share, review, and approve. Additionally, assigned stakeholders receive alerts for approval and can electronically sign off once submitted, which gives time back in the day. There is a robust reporting capacity, further supporting collaboration with dashboards and the ability to drill into data to understand version history, which gives teams the ability to write in one voice.

Policy Edge is reliable and flexible in its application and fits the budget of any multifamily organization. Each client can choose how much or how little guidance they need to make the most of their policy and procedures goals. In addition, the platform easily integrates with Edge2Learn’s current e-learning clients or as a standalone product.

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