Advancing Your Multifamily Career

advance your multifamily career

Before determining a plan for advancing your Multifamily Career, it is helpful to consider what may be holding you back.  Are you holding yourself back?  Is there no opportunity for growth in your current situation?  Do you lack skills?  Do you lack experience?

When you consider advancing your career, what are you hoping to gain?  Would you like to make more money?  Would a higher title be more satisfying?  Do you wish to make more of a contribution?  Or is it more overall job satisfaction that you are hoping to achieve?

Regardless of what you are specifically hoping to achieve, there are 4 ingredients you can use to advance your Multifamily Career. 

The Process:

Step 1:  Around the Horn 

When you are being considered for a promotion or a new position, you will have a group of people who may not know you discussing you and your qualifications.  This is the time to make sure you are perceived positively by everyone with whom you have any dealings.

Step 2:  Ingredients

  1. Likeability. You want to have a good attitude and be nice.  Be aware of managing how others perceive you and how your actions affect others.  Courtesy in greeting and speaking with others, and a bit of a sense of humor, can carry you a long way.
  2. Understand priorities. Be characterized as someone who understands what is essential to your team and your employer.  Inform yourself of the foundational issues and procedures and demonstrate that knowledge so others have confidence in your abilities.
  3. Initiative and Forward Thinking. Companies want to hire and promote people who are self-directed and know how to get things done.  Be an employee who makes others feel confident in your skills and decisions.  Taking the initiative and being proactive will make you stand out from the crowd in terms of being competent and ready to advance your multifamily career.
  4. Growth Oriented.  Have the desire to improve.  Listen to audiobooks and podcasts.  Read articles and books that will keep you current and informed of matters related to the industry.  If you love learning, it will show!

Be Confident!  Build your skills and experience.  Improve your relationship skills.  Build your network of colleagues and contacts.  After you have done the proper preparation, be confident in yourself and your ability to advance your multifamily career.  Know your strengths and experiences. 

Believe in yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone at a very high level in a corporation to sell yourself.  Additional recommended reading: Measure What Matters by John Doerr (available on

Contributed by:

Moshe Crane

Moshe Crane
Director of Leasing & Marketing

Sage Ventures

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