What To Do While You Are In Quarantine

5 Keys to Help Navigate the Changing Landscape of the Multifamily Industry

So much is flying around the internet about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to minimize the risk of contaminating others.

I don’t feel compelled to address that important issue.  I will leave that topic to the health experts.

What I can speak to is your productivity and your professional obligations during this challenging time. 

Many of us have been banned from the office (or work with the doors locked) or have chosen to self-quarantine while our cities and country wrestle with COVID-19.  Does this mean a temporary hiatus?         
Are we done with work for now?

No Doubt!


Yet, we do have an asset that needs our attention. 

Our owners and residents are depending on us!  The apartment leasing professional can be productive whether working isolated at the office or from your home. 


What to do while you are in Quarantine: 

  • Audit your online advertising and update content and photos.
  • Review your social media and study the posts and online visits to gain marketing insights.
  • Check all ratings and review sites to see if responses are needed or appropriate.
  • Use ZOOM to have an online brainstorming session with your leasing team and to keep in touch.
  • Catch up on your education with some online learning through edge2learn!
  • Drive your comps:  You will be safe; you can stay in your car and still catch up on your sub-market.
  • Write thank you notes to your trusted and significant vendors.
  • Work on your lease renewals by phone and text – Hey, your residents are likely home, too!
  • Clean out the closets and files.
  • Paint and clean the office.
  • Organize and clean the maintenance work and supply room.


Practice social distancing and stay away from people groups.  Yet, there are hundreds of important tasks we can be doing from home or privately in a back office.   Take advantage of this “down time” from COVID-19 and once this crisis is over, you will be ready to thrive!  And this will pass. 

Be careful, friends!

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Rick Ellis
Ellis Consulting Group

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