You Can Do Anything in Multifamily!

You Can Do Anything in Multifamily

Exclusive Interview with Blythe Bland – IREM 30 Under 30 Recipient

Blythe Bland, Training Manager for RangeWater Real Estate in Atlanta, GA is passionate about developing the next generation of young leaders and firmly believes you can do anything in multifamily if you focus and work hard. Blythe’s focus areas include leadership, development, sales, onboarding, mentorship, and hospitality. We asked Blythe a series of questions about her multifamily journey and her steps to success.

  1. Who were the people that inspired you to participate in Multifamily on a national level?

Blythe’s mentors inspired her to participate on a national level, particularly Dr. Debbie Phillps as well as her supervisor, Lise Rozier. Blythe understood that she needed to surround herself with like-minded people to help push her outside her comfort zone to go for her big goals.

  1. What is the one piece of advice that you would give to young leaders entering a new industry?

Blythe would advise young leaders to own it! Take full and complete ownership of your choices – past, present, and future. It’s up to YOU to take yourself to the next level. Imagine the best version of yourself and work to be that person.

  1. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations in property management (especially during these last 2 years)?

In a world where we’re all extremely overstimulated, Blythe writes everything down and determines which items fall under her direct control. Anything outside of her control is crossed off the list! She also observes those around her with more experience and leans on them for advice and support. Another idea is to step outside your own to-do list and do something for someone else.

  1. What is your advice on keeping yourself educated as you continue representing those your age in this career?

Blythe feels like the phrase “that’s the way we’ve always done it” can be so dangerous to real progress. To stay educated, read everything you can! Sign up for subscriptions and reach out to mentors for their feedback. Try to walk into every educational situation as if you don’t know anything so you are open to absorbing the information.

  1. How did you celebrate when you learned you had been announced as the recipient of IREM 30 under 30?

When the Institute of Real Estate Management recognized Blythe for her contributions to multifamily, Blythe’s supervisor sent an email letting everyone know. Blythe attended a number of team lunches and celebratory dinners with those who helped her get there. When she had graduated from college Blythe interviewed with numerous companies, but when she interviewed with RangeWater she realized what a great company environment they had cultivated and decided to move forward with them.

Blythe talked about the importance of being proactive and bold and going for what you want, even if you are not sure you are qualified because truly you can do anything in multifamily if you want it. Reach out to your mentors and share your goals so you can get help gaining access to the personal and professional development you need to pursue your long-term goals.

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