What We Do

Best practices for e-learning in the multifamily industry.

You want your property management training classes to be effective and efficient and want to partner with a provider who understands how employees learn in the current industry environment. Edge2Learn has responded to more sophisticated products, more educated consumers, and a more diverse workforce by transforming employee training and development for property management companies in today’s marketplace. The core principle behind Edge2Learn’s property management training and development platform is to educate and empower employees, enabling them to increase performance by applying what they learn in their everyday working environment. Edge2Learn incorporates a blended learning philosophy – an appropriate balance between technology and instructor-led learning to maximize the training and development experience for every learning style to give you the edge to learning.

Whether it’s reducing liability or increasing profitability, having a well-trained staff is critical to the success of any property management company and the customers they serve. Edge2Learn offers a property management training solution that will not only reduce your liability risk factors, but makes it highly cost effective to deliver training to every employee throughout your portfolio.

Edge2Learn focuses on the learner’s experience – capturing interest, driving engagement and increasing understanding of how the employee’s role impacts the company as well as their own personal development and growth.  This increased involvement in property management training classes helps everyone perform more successfully and advance more quickly.

Aligned with a well-respected industry leader, Ellis Partners in Management Solutions, the Edge2Learn platform provides a turnkey solution for clearly identified needs and opportunities. We prepare learners to deliver a superior customer experience and also reduce corporate liability risks and overall employee turnover.  Edge2Learn is an eLearning company whose focus is the Property Management Industry and specializes in property management training and multifamily education. With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to increase industry excellence, we are passionate about engaging learners in their property management training classes to maximize benefits for both companies and employees.