Policies and Procedures by Policy Edge

Blending your training with policies for a seamless learner experience.

Your employees already grasp the importance of knowing and following policies and procedures, but how can you ensure follow-through on steps toward questions, compliance, and easy reference? Policy Edge has you covered! By making company policies more readily available and aligning with company training, your employees can easily reference and adhere to company policies and procedures from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.

Policy Edge offers a modernized approach that is both affordable and flexible to fit the budget of any Multifamily organization. Through a partnership with PowerDMS, the #1 policy and compliance management platform for high-trust organizations, Policy Edge offers the multifamily industry a seamless solution for managing ever-changing policy and procedures and 250+ property management-specific policies and procedures.

What Sets Policy Edge Apart?


Best in class property management policies and procedures written by industry experts with combined 165 years of industry experience


Partnered with PowerDMS. a company with a 20+ year history modernizing policy management


Trusted and well-respected industry leadership team known for its commitment to excellence and outstanding customer experience


User experience is dynamic and intuitive for all property management positions


Technology integrates policies with Edge2Learn’s eLearning platform or outside systems


Develop your own policies, use E2L’s top 80 policies, or utilize E2L’s
full library of policies!

Edge2Learn’s Policy Topics Include:

Accounting & PMC Systems | Culture | Emergency & Prevention | Fair Housing | IT & Cyber Security | Leasing | Maintenance | Marketing Operations | Operations

Whether you’ve developed your own policies or need a partial or full library of hundreds of policies, we’ve got you covered at Edge2Learn! Policy Edge offers collaborative functionality at its most efficient. It moves any policy through the creation and approval process, allowing multiple users to customize, edit, share, review, and approve. Additionally, assigned company stakeholders receive alerts for approval and can electronically sign off once submitted, which gives time back in the day. Robust reporting is available along with customizable dashboards and the ability to drill into data to understand version history allowing company teams to write in one consistent voice.

The Administrator User Experience

  • Easy implementation and fully operational system upon roll-out
  • Simple-to-use tools for the effective and efficient administration of policies and procedures
  • Import, create or edit E2L or your policies using most file types, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, HTML, and videos
  • Customize folders for placement of individual policies and procedures
  • Assign an effective date of a policy, whether immediately or at a future date
  • Use workflows, track changes, review comments from peers, accept, delete, edit and approve policies in one defined process and system
  • View changes of current policy to an updated policy using side-by-side functionality

The Learner User Experience

  • Easily understand policies to review and/or policies already reviewed through access to inbox listing tasks to complete
  • Quick reference to policies through a dynamic document search
  • Advanced search filters allow searching by name, description, category, keywords, etc.
  • Allows for electronic signatures by policy or topic category
  • Policies can be assigned by permission levels based on position
  • Learners can bookmark specific policies for easy reference

At Edge2Learn, we understand that your liability risk is reduced by having up-to-date policies and procedures, easy access, and knowledge of company policies. As a result, company employees can find comfort in knowing your company has outlined policies that lead to their success and management is keeping their best interest in mind.

Combining policies and procedures with Edge2Learn’s customizable learning management system and courseware allow for a one-stop and seamless employee experience in the learning world. Edge2Learn’s content customizations are best described in Edge2Learn’s System Functionality. In other words, any functionality that is available for courseware is also available for policies and procedures, including assigning, reporting, learning paths, survey questions, Instructor-Led Training, and so much more!