Policies and Procedures

Blending your training with policies for a seamless learner experience.

Your employees already grasp the importance of following policies and procedures, but how can you ensure follow-through on your steps toward compliance? By making your policies more accessible to blend with your company training, your employees can easily reference and retain your procedures from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.

What sets Edge2Learn apart from other learning providers is our expertise in the Multifamily Industry, with almost 40 years dedicated to creating learning experiences. Our leadership team at Edge2Learn represents over 200 years of property management training experience, a statistic you’ll be hard-pressed to find in any other learning organization.

We know policies because we’ve written and adhered to these policies!

At Edge2Learn, we understand that your liability risk is reduced by having easy access and knowledge of your policies. As a result, your employees can find comfort in knowing your company has outlined policies and procedures that lead to their success and management is keeping their best interest in mind.

Policies and procedures combined with Edge2Learn’s customizable learning management system and courseware allow for a one-stop and seamless employee experience in the learning world. All content customizations are best described in Edge2Learn’s System Functionality. In other words, any functionality that is available for courseware is also available for policies and procedures, including reporting, adding policies to learning paths, boost questions, survey questions, Instructor-Led Training, and so much more!