Accommodating Assistance Animals

Understanding and applying reasonable accommodations.

Accommodating Assistance Animals

Accommodating Assistance Animals: If your community allows dogs and you have a resident who requires the use of a service dog, granting permission to keep the dog in the apartment seems like a no-brainer. But what about no-pet communities? Or breed restrictions? Or emotional support animals? In this course, you’ll walk through realistic resident scenarios, learn to apply the laws as stated by the Fair Housing Act, and determine which issues might require legal counsel. Approximately 20 minutes. Available in Spanish (S).

  • Accommodating Assistance Animals

Would you know what to say if an applicant or resident asked about keeping a service dog in their apartment? 

What happens when community rules about pets meet Fair Housing Act (FHA) laws regarding emotional support animals? 

Is a miniature horse still a horse (of course) if it’s also trained to assist a person who has a visual impairment?

Anytime you are unsure of the correct action to take, be sure to communicate your willingness to work with the customer to find the best solution for you both. And let them know the request is a priority with a prompt response.

An owner or manager could potentially refuse the accommodation if the request is unreasonable or creates an undue financial or administrative burden.

The best course of action is always to work with the resident and explore an alternative solution. 

And, it’s a good idea to seek a legal opinion before issuing a denial to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

These situations often need some time to be evaluated before rushing to a conclusion or mistakenly offering something that sounds like you have approved or denied the request.

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