Adult Learning and Real World

Time is valuable – use it wisely.

We get it. Life in a fast-paced world means time is your biggest asset. That’s why our leasing consultant training programs are designed to give your employees only what they need, when they need it, through short and engaging courses that target the skills you value most and create an edge to learning. Our leasing consultant training and maintenance training courses are grounded in proven instructional methodologies for adult learners. We focus on what they care about the most: Why, What, and How.

Purpose Driven.

Motivation can make you or break you. That’s why our property management training courses turn up the motivation and focus on what your employees need to succeed. Our leasing consultant training and maintenance programs will always answer these important questions: Why is this important to me and the business? Why should I care?


There’s a big gap between knowledge and skills. We bridge that gap by delivering instruction through common scenarios your employees are likely to experience, multifamily Industry specific practices, story-based instruction, best practice modeling, and lots of application opportunities – all in an effort to help your property management teams anchor new concepts to what they are familiar with and further develop skills that they value.


How do you improve skills? Meaningful practice. And lots of it. Our multifamily and leasing consultant training programs are delivered in an engaging, active learning environment and give your employees numerous opportunities to practice their skills under varying industry-relevant contexts. They will learn from both their successes and mistakes in a consequence-free environment. And over time, the skills they are working to improve become second nature.  Developing great habits equals success for your employee and the apartment community.


One size does not fit all.  Similar to delivering a great resident experience, designing a personalized learning experience for your employees encourages employees to grow and develop their professional skills.  Learning paths can be customized to the needs of the individual, providing multifamily and leasing consultant training and support based on their specific needs.   


Do you know how modern learners prefer to consume information? We do. All our property management courses are developed with the entire library in mind. That means no two leasing consultant training and learning experiences are the same. Our rich media experts capture and maintain attention through a wide range of methods that include dynamic content, videos, animations, rich graphics, and engaging interactions. No cookie cutters here.  

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