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Issue 1 | October 2020

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Welcome to Your Multifamily Training Partner Newsletter! The past few months have undoubtedly created new challenges for all of us in Multifamily.

We have been right here beside you.

Did you know during the onset of COVID-19 that Edge2Learn hosted fifteen webinars, created six PDF downloadable resources, published four courses, delivered fifteen blogs, and provided thirty-eight training videos (5 minutes or less) geared to help employees and companies deal with our new reality?

In addition, we shared these resources free of charge so that everyone in property management had access to this valuable information.

During this time, we also listened to our clients’ needs. As a result, this past month, we released two new course series to align with the topics you requested. Take a look! (These courses are now available in all clients’ LMS library!)

Appreciating DifferentnessSneek Peek Video

Human Trafficking and Your Community

With in-person training being sidelined and less role-playing opportunities to improve onsite skills, clients are asking:

“How do we solve for this problem”?

Well, we have a solution that’s already included in the Edge2Learn platform.  And guess what?

You NEED it! Why? Since many are still working remotely and teams are practicing social distancing onsite, it can be challenging to train soft skills to make a difference for effective leasing and customer interactions.

The onsite teams need to lease, interact properly with prospects and residents, address sensitive topics, and a little extra help can go a long way.

WE HAVE THE ANSWER! Role-playing software that utilizes AI technology!

You set up the scenario in the E2L LMS that you want your onsite agent to address by recording a video response to the scenario. Utilizing the information you have provided, the onsite agent is given time to think through their response and time to practice their response before recording their best response. Once done, he/she can submit the video, and our AI tool quickly evaluates the outcome! Your leasing agent receives immediate feedback on tone, sentiment, rate of speech, and the quality of the response for an unbiased machine analysis score. The video assessment can be submitted to you, or the leasing agent can try again, uploading another video – allowing he/she to practice and perfect their skills in a safe environment. Practice makes perfect, and perfect drives better leasing and customer service experiences.

Just imagine all of the use cases for capitalizing on role-playing AI technology!

Here are a few examples:

  • Compliance: Learners can illustrate how to appropriately respond to Fair Housing questions from prospects/residents.
  • Customer Service: Learners can address how to respond to difficult prospects and residents.
  • Maintenance: Learners can demonstrate how to repair an appliance or best practices for responding to service calls.
  • Mystery Shops: After taking Edge2Learn’s Performance-Based Training (PBT) due to a low shop score, learners can showcase how they have mastered their skills.
  • Policies: New policies may be difficult for onsite teams to adopt. Learners can put new systems in place through practice.

Intrigued? Find out more here: Role-Playing powered by AI

Learn More!

LMS: Using Artificial Intelligence with Role Play

Expert Tips!

LMS: Workbook Links

Taking courses in our LMS is so easy! Just click on the module, download and/or print your workbook, and get started!

BUT what happens when your employees are working remotely, and they want to print out their workbook?

If only there were a magical way to print workbooks before going to a remote location or working from home?

We’ve got you covered!

The Edge2Learn LMS contains a course titled “Workbook Links.” When launched, your learners will discover a workbook link for every E2L fundamentals course module that can be printed for taking courses on the go!

When your learners have access to a printer, they can simply click the desired module links to download and print the workbooks they need. Wherever they take their courses, their workbooks will be readily available.

Now that’s a tip your entire team can use, starting TODAY!

If you have any suggestions for future newsletters, contact us at Edge2Learn!