Role-playing powered by AI

Artificial intelligence-based video assessments deliver natural results.

The new way to keep your people personable.
Edge2Learn’s mission has always been to make training your people less complicated and more effective, providing an edge to learning. With the necessary shift to work-from-home and social distancing, achieving those goals is more challenging. Or is it? Our new artificial intelligence training technology makes role-play video assessments even more flexible, more focused, and more successful than you probably thought possible.

All the progress with none of the pressure.
Few among us are natural-born salespeople or customer service experts. Most of us, to be honest, need a little help. Which is exactly what our AI platform excels at. Your people can practice presentations, role-play customer interactions, recreate a recent sales conversation, while receiving valuable feedback – instantly from the AI on their performance. Your team can improve their skills in a safe, neutral zone that leads to better leasing and customer service experiences.

Be hands-on even while being distanced.
Just because you’re not conducting the training personally doesn’t mean you’re not involved. Our platform lets you easily create your own scripts, review submitted videos, offer feedback, indicate words or phrases to include or avoid, and give your learner’s “performance” a star rating. You can even create a complete course for your people to journey through, with you (or an assigned manager) approving their progress along the way.