Maintenance How To Videos

Make quick work of maintenance training for common repair items

Maintenance: How To Videos

Edge2Learn provides access to the best resources available for your maintenance training program with our Leading Edge of Maintenance Video Series featuring Chris Tinsley, Maintenance Service Professional for 30+ years.

Comprised of 20 online maintenance training modules, approximately 2-6 minutes each.

• Plumbing
– Testing water heater elements
– Replacing tank bowl, bolts and gaskets
• Electrical
– Testing replacing light switches
– Proper techniques to install wiring
– Shrader valve replacement
– Proper replacement of capacitors

• Plus more!

Chris Tinsley, CAM-T

Chris has 30 years experience in the multifamily industry and holds certifications including CAM-T, Section 608 Universal, 410a Safety, CPO (Certified Pool Operator), AST (Advanced Service Technician), LEAD, and GAS. Chris is also certified as an NAA, NSPF, and ESCO instructor.

Chris is licensed by NAA to instruct CAM-T and two modules of CAM training, by NSPF to conduct CPO and CPI training, and by ESCO to instruct Section 608 Universal and 410a Safety training.

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