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Issue 7 | May 2021

New Edge2Learn
Content Releases!

New Edge2Learn Content Releases

Your Edge2Learn Newsletter - New Edge2Learn Content Releases!
New Edge2Learn Content Releases LMS
New Edge2Learn Content Releases
New Edge2Learn Content Releases

Introducing our new Edge2Learn Content Releases! We take the responsibility of creating the training your team needs NOW!

Time Management

The term alone sounds as if we can force time to slow down when we need it or add more time into a day. So, how’s that working out for you? We can’t change time, but we can change how we manage time by aligning time use to our goals, creating an awareness of how we use or misuse our time, learning how to prioritize better, and avoiding procrastination—duration 35 minutes.

Find out more about our Time Management Course here!

In the Know Infographic: Are You VAWA Compliant?

U.S. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) protects against housing loss for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. This easy-to-read summary tells which communities are subject to VAWA regulations and describes the basic provisions required by the law.

In the Know Infographic: Eviction Considerations After the CDC Moratorium

Many communities are struggling with significantly lower receivables. Residents are struggling with COVID-related work loss and illness. When the CDC moratorium on evictions ends, what then? Learn more about our Edge2Learn In The Know Infographics here!

Now Available in Spanish!

Appreciating Differentness

Our cutting-edge course focusing on different cultures in the workplace is now available in Spanish! Click to learn more about Appreciating Differentness!

Bed Bug Awareness

For our clients who subscribe to our Bed Bug Awareness Elective Course, you now have access to our Spanish version! Click here to learn more about Bed Bug Awareness!

Edge2Learn’s Learning Management System Roadmap!

SAP Litmos LMS

We’ve highlighted Edge2Learn’s favorite
features coming to our LMS clients!

IT’S ALL ABOUT INNOVATION: Our partnership with SAP Litmos allows us to give clients the best learner and admin experience possible in a Learning Management System (LMS). Recently, SAP Litmos revealed their 2021 and beyond Roadmap of enhancements, and we wanted to share this information with each of you. More functionality is coming your way but check out our top 5 favorites. Share with your training teams and get ready for exciting changes soon. If you want to see everything in the works, we’ve got that too! Download the SAP Litmos Full Training Roadmap to learn more.

DID YOU KNOW? Edge2Learn is the proud recipient of the 2020 Lenny Awards presented by SAP Litmos for Best Channel/Partner Training Program.


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