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Issue 6 | March 2021

New Edge2Learn
Course Releases!

Your Course Catalog is expanding!

We take the responsibility of creating the courses you need! Introducing our two new Edge2Learn Course Releases: Interviewing and Recruiting!


Interviewing is your first chance to get to know a person who might become your next top contributor. But how do you sort out the best from the rest? In addition to learning more about the benefits of good interview skills and strategy, preparing questions that focus on what you need to know, conducting interviews, and evaluating a candidate’s responses. Each interviewing training module is approximately 5-30 minutes.

  • What’s the Big Deal?
  • Before the Interview
  • During the Interview


Our 2nd of our new Edge2Learn course releases is Recruiting. Strong recruiting strategies lay the foundation for a sustainable competitive advantage. This recruiting series will take you through the process, helping you strengthen your image as an employer and frame your Value Proposition. In this recruiting series, you will learn how to generate the strongest pool of candidates and find the right players to elevate your team to the championship level. Each recruiting training module is approximately 10-20 minutes.

  • Recruiting ROI
  • Framing and Boosting Your Employer Appeal
  • Preparing Your Pipeline
  • Employer Value Proposition
  • Posting for the Position

We are so excited to formally introduce Dawn Ramey to all our clients at Edge2Learn! 

Dawn has been in the Multifamily Industry for over 20 years and began her career as a weekend leasing consultant for Cornerstone Realty.  After taking on a successful role as a Property Manager, she joined AIMCO and Gumerick on her path to the eLearning industry.  She is very skilled in the Implementation and Account Management areas of a Learning Management System with several years as a trusted contact and mentor for her clients.  If there is a new learning solution or functionality, she can be the bridge to adopting these strategies into current learning programs. 

When asked what she likes most about Edge2Learn, she commented, “I completely love the culture here!  Everyone with both Edge2Learn and Ellis has been so warm and welcoming and always willing to help and pitch in as I am learning everything about our system, courses, and learning opportunities for our clients. Most of all, Joanna Ellis and Francis Chow have been so supportive of my ideas; they take the time to listen.” 

One of Dawn’s priorities, when she joined us was to orient our clients on our enhanced Edge2Learn landing page capabilities.  These enhancements give our clients the ability to link learners to any other website or software to work as a one-stop access point.  Learners do not need to keep these links in their favorites; they are easily accessible with a click of a mouse!  The colors, skin, and logo placement are customizable and can have additional information listed with a separate landing page for leaders of each company.  Calendar features, policy links, centralized messaging, and customizable widgets are also available so that each client landing page can be unique!

She also gets excited when she describes her favorite features of Edge2Learn’s LMS.  “Definitely the Role-Play Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool!  Since so many of us are working remotely, this is THE way to quickly train your team on leasing, de-escalation, fair housing, maintenance, and customer service.  The possibilities are limitless.  Since the system has machine-scoring built-in, it takes the bias out of the grading/rating of the role-play video, and learners can practice until they know their submission is good to go for their supervisor to review.  I also enjoy our learning path capabilities, the ease of building custom content, quickly assigning new Edge2Learn course releases, the robust reporting features, and our Edge2Learn/Ellis Webinar Series.”

 Joanna Ellis gives us the inside story: “Dawn Ramey joined the E2L team in 2020 as Director of Client Experience, and we could not be more thrilled she has become a part of the E2L family.  Her career began as a paralegal, but shortly thereafter, she found her way into the multifamily industry as a community manager.  Eventually, Dawn landed in the e-learning world, and we are grateful she chose to join E2L.  Not only does Dawn have an impressive background, but she is one of a kind – creative, detail-oriented, undeniably kind and enthusiastic, and eager to be of service to everyone – to name a few qualities.  She has a never-ending smile (yes, you can hear in her voice 😊) and calmness that immediately resonates with the E2L team and clients.  Although Dawn has only been on the team a short time, it seems like she has been part of the E2L family for years.  If you have not already met Dawn, rest assured, your paths will cross, and you, too, will appreciate why we are honored to have Dawn on the team.”

IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY: Dawn is married to her husband, Jason, and they are raising their two children Leah 14, and Brandon, 12, in Virginia.  They all love to go as a family to Smith Mountain Lake in Southwest Virginia for vacation every year, in addition to local boating and fishing throughout the summer season.  Leah takes piano lessons, and Brandon plays soccer, so their family schedules are always full and fun!  Welcome to Edge2Learn, Dawn!

Meet our New E2L Team Member!

Dawn Ramey: Director of Client Experience
Leah and Brandon
Dawn and her husband, Jason

Activity Widget

Monitoring activity in your Learning Management System doesn’t have to be a chore. Edge2Learn’s Activity Widget on your Admin Dashboard gives you all the information you need (and even more!)

Employee engagement relies on participation – and participation is easy to track!

Activity Widget: From your Admin Dashboard, your Activity Widget is front and center!

  • You can choose to click on a user’s name to view that learner’s full list of activities.
  • You can also click on the title of the achievement to view all courses completed by your learner. You can also verify if your learners have completed those new Edge2Learn course releases.
  • Lastly, you can also view when your learner completed an achievement.

Clicking the “show all” activity button puts a wealth of data at your fingertips!

You can filter by different categories and date on all types of activity that have happened in your LMS, in chronological order.  The categories include everything from achievements to login information to what emails have been generated and sent,

BONUS: Any filtered category you create can be downloaded into a .csv file!  

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