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Issue 5 | February 2021

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Edge2Learn Rewards and motivation - the competitive edge

Reward Your Learners the RIGHT way!

What is the motivation for your learners – competence or fear? Are they taking courses because of corporate requirements, or are they interested in learning from your course content? With Edge2Learn, there are many ways to motivate and reward your learners. Let’s discover some different ways to motivate your learners.

First, let’s ask, “Why is motivation so important?”

Because Motivation = Participation!

Typically, when progressing through online learning, most learners do so to stay in compliance or learn new skills via Competence Motivation. For this type of training, learners may want downloadable certificates that showcase they successfully passed their training. In Edge2Learn, as an admin, you have the ability to attach a certificate to any Course or Learning Path (in addition to those already pre-loaded!).

Beyond that, Edge2Learn offers the ability to add badges and points to Courses and Learning Paths. This allows you to introduce an added layer of Achievement Motivation. Your learners can be further motivated by earning a badge and points upon course completion.

But wait – there’s more!

If global/team leaderboards are enabled, those points will rank your learners from top to bottom. This aligns with Affiliation Motivation since your learners want to be “in the club” and associated with the top performers. Leaderboards ALSO bring in the element of Fear Motivation because if learners don’t perform, they will rank lower than their peers. In any competition, someone will always be in last place… and let’s face it, and no one wants to be in last place!

Take your learning to first place with Edge2learn!

Does Your Company Have a “Fixer”?

WE DO! Meet Michelle Williamson: Learning Systems Support Specialist

What is Michelle’s most current passion project? “My most recent passion or hobby is learning about my family ancestry.  My maternal side is German, and my paternal side is Mexican.  I’m fortunate to still have my paternal grandmother, who I often see (before COVID).  I had been recording conversations I’ve had with her so I can have them forever.  I know a lot about this side of my family, but I want to learn about my German heritage, so I recently started looking into Genealogy.  It’s a bit overwhelming but very interesting.!”

Why does she enjoy working for E2L? “First and foremost, I love my team.  I love our clients!  I love helping people, even if it’s something as simple as getting them the right login information – their appreciation shown makes me super happy.  I like to solve puzzles, so when there’s a big challenge I have to figure out, it is the motivation for me to solve the problem, and the bigger the challenge, the better.  Our E2L team is so supportive, we are like a family, and I feel like I’ve known them for decades!  We communicate well and work together to keep our clients happy.” 

Joanna Ellis gives us the inside story:  “What can I say?!  Michelle and I began working together at Ellis Partners (EPMS) back in 2004.  Michelle held a couple of roles while working for EPMS and always excelled in each position.  Michelle took a brief hiatus and returned to EPMS in 2017.  Shortly after returning to EPMS, I asked Michelle to join E2L and take on the role of support.  Having worked in technical support previously, Michelle was thrilled about the opportunity.  Michelle is not one to shy away from a challenge.  She truly loves getting to the bottom of things and solving problems.  Although things can be trying at times, Michelle meets any challenge head-on and with a sense of humor and sarcasm.  Michelle has been part of the E2L team since 2018 and never missed a beat.  We’re thrilled she is part of the E2L family!  Thank you, Michelle, for all you do!” 

Francis Chow also has the “scoop”:  “Our team is so thrilled to have Michelle as part of the Edge2Learn family.  As part of our support team, Michelle tackles each day, each question, and each client with dedication and passion.  Michelle’s ability to solve problems, help learners, and support clients is a driving force in E2L’s success.  We are so fortunate to have her.

IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY: Michelle, a very proud Aggie Mom, has been married to her husband, Brad, for 21 years, and they have two sons, Jacob and Matthew. Their dog, Larry, who is also a huge sports fan (we’ve seen him watching the games!), completes the family!

Get to know your E2L Team!

Edge2Learn: Michelle Williamson with parents and grandmother - motivation with the competitive edge
Michelle Williamson (right) with her parents and grandma

Edge2Learn: Michelle Williamson Family - motivation with the competitive edge
Brad, Jacob, Michelle and Matthew

Upcoming Webinars!

Edge2Learn: Sleep Better and Stress Less for Success Webinar, the competitive edge.

Sleep Better and Stress Less for Success!

Presented by Alisha Leytem

2/25/21 at 1:00 PM CST

Leasing, Budgets, Inspections, and Operations are priorities for all of us, but success can’t happen when an employee is stressed.

Let Us Help! Improving the quality of sleep leads to less stress and an increased flow of creativity and energy. You can’t perform at your best if you are constantly running on little sleep. In this short webinar, wellness expert Alisha Leytem will share easy and natural sleep solutions to improve your well-being and provide you with a “full personal cup” to pour into your success.

  • The connection between sleep and success
  • Increase your energy, creativity, and productivity with sleep
  • Explore simple and natural solutions for better sleep

Learn more about Alisha!

It’s not Closing…it’s Commencing!

Presented by Rick Ellis

3/11/21 at 1:00 PM CST

Closing? No, it is actually the continuation of the relationship.

Join national speaker and consultant Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM, as he shows us some creative ideas for sealing the deal. Some call these “Closing Techniques,” but Rick prefers to think in terms of continuing the relationship, not ending (closing) it.

That is why he calls it COMMENCING! Asking for a commitment – for your rental prospect to lease – is the natural, normal, and expected next step to a healthy relationship. The prospect is visiting your office to see about moving in. It is absurd and even rude NOT to ask your prospect to lease RIGHT NOW.

In the pursuit of commencing, that is, creating a long term relationship (residency), Rick will also cover these important points:

  • Overcoming and/or minimizing objections, concerns, and complaints
  • “Closes” used to secure the commitment
  • Trial and Pre-close Closes
  • 4 Strong Closes to secure the commitment
  • Closes for the Covid-Concerned Prospect
  • What to do when you don’t get a YES the first time
  • Follow Up – Continuing the Romance
  • Planning the Wedding Day

Learn more about Rick!

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